About Us

Our Ministry:
Allon Ministries is not a Christian or Messianic-Jewish/Christian organization.  We are in NO way against these organizations; we’re just not like them in lifestyle, belief or practice.  Allon Ministries is a Biblical, Orthodox Chasidic Jewish organization which differs greatly from modern Chasidic Judaism.  The purpose of this organization is to help Christians and Messianic-Jewish/Christians to convert from the darkness of the Pagan Church, to the truth of simple Biblical [not modern] Torah observance.  After taking the time to translate the N.T. letters from the best Greek texts available; Rabbi Allon has concluded that they were originally written in Hebrew.  He found no reason to believe that these letters taught that the Torah [Law] passed away or that Y’shua [Jesus] came to start something new.  He further concluded that the entire N.T. collection is completely in step with an accurate, 1st century C.E. understanding of the Torah.  Further, every departure from Torah observance comes from poor (or purposefully inaccurate) translation of the Greek texts as well as little to no knowledge of the history, customs, culture and language of the 1st century Jews who wrote these letters.  To put it another way, there is nothing new in the N.T.  That said, the N.T. letters were written by Jewish Rabbis to the Jewish leaders of Jewish Synagogues concerning matters of the Jewish religion.  The fact that Hellenized philosophers hijacked these letters and Paganized them to start a new religion does not change what these letters are, or who they are for.

Our Goal:
The goal of Allon Ministries is to tear away two thousand years of made-up and revised Biblical history in Judaism and Christianity to expose a true and accurate version of the Biblical world.  Further, it is of the utmost importance that traditions, doctrines and long-held beliefs (especially those that were made-up and/or revised and forced into the Biblical time period) be replaced with the history, customs, culture and language of the Biblical period.  It is only through these steps that anyone can truly begin to set-right all the wrongs of religiosity in modern times.

It is the hope of Allon Ministries that those who come to this site will be able to use it as a learning and/or teaching tool.  All articles are copyrighted and are the sole property of Rabi Allon.  Although it is not legal to sell these materials or to use them in any way that involves monetary gain without the express permission of Rabi Allon, please feel free to make copies of the materials and use them in your studies and as lesson notes.

Allon Ministries is a non-profit corporation and exists solely on prayer and financial support from people who share in the vision of this ministry.  If you would like to make a contribution to Allon Ministries, please click on the donation button (on the menu above which will take you to our Pay-Pal account) to send a digital check, money order or to use your credit or debit card.  Snail mail should be sent to: Allon Ministries P.O. Box 1841, Bastrop, Tx., 78602.

Thank you, and may God richly bless you.