Alefbeit II

Symbol Hebrew Trans Literal Meaning Letter
alef Ox or Bull Yoke Something that binds two or more together. Making them greater in strength and balance.To join or unite in one purpose.Unity, to perpetuate, beginning, renewal Silent
beit/veit House, Tent Home, a place where a family lives, loves, and grows.Established, integral, development, association b/v
gimel A beast of burden An animal that carries goods for its master in a dry and barren place such as a camel. g
dalet Door, Gate A movable structure that when closed can prohibit access to the outside or imprison those behind it and when open can welcome someone in and set those behind it free. d
he Window An opening that can be seen into from the outside and out of from the inside.An opening that can allow sunlight and a fresh breeze through or can be closed off to the outside.Light, illumination, spotlight, to point out, to highlight. h
vav Nail, Hook Something that joins two or more things together as one.To fasten together, To secure, To hold up v/o/u
zayin Sword, Weapon A sharp weapon used to protect and defend.Knife, two-edged sword, tongue, words z
kheit Fence, Hedge To protect by surrounding.A boundary or barrier.To hinder outside attacks and to guard that which is inside. kh
teit Twisted together To twist together like the chords of a rope becoming greater in strength as one. t
yod Strength Used idiomatically of the hand.The power or right to command.Influence resulting from knowledge.The power to resist attack.Strength y
kaf/khaf Something cuppedsuch as a Palm, Wing To send swiftly as on wings.Under ones wings, under ones protection.In the palm of ones hands. k/kh
lamed Ox goad A sharp pointed stick used in driving oxen. Any driving impulse, to urge on.Ecc. 12:11 The words of the wise are as ox goads.They are powerful words that urge . . . l
mem Water, Wave To move or sway to and fro.Abundance, to rise in waves, to be plentifulTo sustain life m
nun Spawning To become greater in size, amount, number.To grow, of fish multiplying n
samekh To shore up, Support Something that someone leans on.Unchangeable, unmovable s
ayin To see Perception, insight, knowledge, understanding. silent
pe/fe To utter To speak with the mouthTo utter words, to make a request.To make known. p/f
tzadei Righteousness To be born again, to be transformed, to be forgiven, to be in right standing with God. tz
qof Axe Joining two ordinary objects creating a powerful tool and weapon.Binding a rock to a piece of wood creates an axe. q
reish Beginning The beginning of anything is the head.The head is where all things originate. r
shin/sin Meditation The front teeth cut and rip into the scriptures.The back teeth chew or meditateMeditation – a cow chewing the cud (getting the most benefit) sh/s
tav Sign (of a cross), Mark A signature, to seal, to close.The seal of a covenant. t