Take the following days OFF in 2018

Every Saturday

Biblical New Year (1st day of Aviv):
Celebration – 7:00 p.m. Saturday, March 17th (no day off required, but suggested)

Saturday, March 31st
Sunday, April 8th

Pesakh Sheni:
(Take these days off only if you miss the 1st Pesakh)
Tuesday, May 1st
Tuesday, May 8th

Sunday, May 20th

Monday, Sept. 10th

Yom Kipurim:
Wednesday, Sept. 19th


Monday Sept. 24th
Tuesday Sept. 25th
Wednesday Sept. 26th
Thursday Sept. 27th
Friday Sept. 28th
Saturday Sept. 29th
Sunday Sept. 30th
Monday Oct. 1st


* Begins at sundown on Sunday, December 2nd and last until sundown Monday, December 10th

Note: Khanukah is NOT a Biblically mandated holiday. If you have small children whom you feel cannot understand why Christians receive gifts; move your Khanukah celebration so that it coincides with Christmas. Your children will receive gifts for eight days, while their Christian friends will only receive gifts on one or two.