Conversion of Shaul

The (sha-li-akh) [apostle] (Sha-ul), also called (Pau-los), or Paul, never established a single church. He set up Synagogues which were called, (A-dat) [Plr] or (E-dah) [Sng], in the first century. Shaul’s ministry was to lead non-Hebrew speaking (Y’-hu-dim) [Jews] to Torah observance, i.e., to convert (Go-yim) [Gentiles] to Judaism.  Gentiles, in the Biblical period were NOT non-Jews, they were non-Hebrew speaking Jews.

For clarification, see Acts, chapter thirteen, verse forty-six where Sha-ul declares that he will no longer go to the (Y’-hu-dim) but instead to the (Go-yim) [Gentiles].  Next, take a close look at all the places Sha-ul ministered from that point on, Synagogue, Synagogue, Synagogue.  That is to say, Sha-ul went exclusively to non-Hebrew speaking Synagogues from that point on, thus, the (Go-yim) of the N.T. were non-Hebrew speaking (Y’-hu-dim).

It would have been utterly impossible for (Sha-ul) to convert to Christianity since Christianity did not exist during his lifetime. Instead, he converted from living in sin, i.e., he was a murderous persecutor of fellow (Y’-hu-dim) [Jews], to a lifestyle of (To-rah) observance. From the moment of his encounter on the road to (Da-me-seq) [Damascus] until his death, he spent his life living according to the (To-rah) and taught (Y’-hu-dim) [Jews] and (Go-yim) to do the same.

Much Luv and Shalom,

Robert Allon