Golden Cow

If we live our lives in a manner that is designed to fit God into our busy schedules, i.e., if we serve God only when it is convenient or when we are feeling up to it, then God is not our King. He is instead reduced to nothing more than a golden cow that we have created to walk before us. John’s first letter, chapter two, verse four says, “He that says, ‘I know (Yah-veh),’ and does not keep His commandments, is a LIAR, and the truth is not in him {RA}.” Chapter three, verse four says, “Everyone who commits sin is also in rebellion of the (To-rah), because sin is (To-rah) rebellion {RA}.”

Those who disobey God’s word are in rebellion of the (To-rah), which means they live in sin. That is to say, they do not serve God. They have created for themselves a god to serve them. Put another way, if the (To-rah) tells us that we must do something and we do not, we live in sin. On the other hand, if the (To-rah) tells us not to do something and we do it, we live in sin. In short, if we disobey the Law of God, we live in sin no matter what our excuse may be. In the end, those who talk-the-talk but do not walk-the-walk are liars in whom there is no truth.

Much Luv and Shalom,

Robert Allon