Name of Mashiakh

The word, Jesus, was a transliteration of the Greek word, (Iei-sous), pronounced Yei-soos. Ieisous was an attempt by Greek translators to transliterate the Hebrew word, (Y’-shu-a). The “ ” became “ .” Since there is no “ sh ” sound in Greek, the “ ” became “ .” The “ ” became “ ,” and finally, the “ ” was changed from what would have been an “ ” to an “ ” because in Greek, a name that ends in an “ ” is feminine. The earliest English translations of the NT letters, including the King James version, spelled out the name of Y’shua as, Iesus. The “ I ” was later changed to the “ J ” though the name was still pronounced, Yei-soos. It has only been in the last two hundred years or so that this name slurred to our current pronunciation, Jesus.

Much Luv and Shalom,

Robert Allon