Parable of Mashiakh

The (tal-mu-dim) [disciples] of (Y’-shu-a) [Jesus] taught that His life and death very vividly demonstrated that God’s salvation for His people comes through the restoration of our covenant, not by the destruction of a foreign army.

The destruction of a foreign army didn’t bring everlasting peace to our fathers when they left Egypt. It wouldn’t have happened with the Romans, the Crusaders or even the Nazis. Peace has never come to God’s people while they rebelled against the (To-rah), nor has it come while they were a friend of the world. Peace will never come to God’s people through attempts to redefine what it means to be His people or through attempts to redefine their covenant with God.

God is the (Ma-shi-akh) [Messiah Isa. 43:11]. He will manifest His salvation in a bush [Exo. 3:2], through a whisper in the wind [1st Kng. 19:12], and yes, in the physical body of a man [Gen. 14:8]. Some will understand God’s salvation and enter into it here on earth. Others will never understand it until they stand before God in Heaven. Salvation is not needed in Heaven; it is needed on earth. We can only embrace it through a lifestyle of obedience to (To-rah) which is how we show our devotion to God. This lifestyle brings a peace that passes any, and all human understanding, even when horrible things are happening to us and/or our loved ones. It’s always time to prepare the way of (Yah-veh) It’s always time for God’s children to return to the path of (To-rah).

Much Luv and Shalom,

Robert Allon