Teaching Styles of the Bible

1. (p’-shat) – Simple exegesis: critical explanation or analysis, especially of a text.
2. (re-mez) – Hinting back to something to which the listener is already familiar.
3. (d’-rash) – Homiletic exposition is an inspirational speech intended to explain something.
4. (sod) – Hidden and/or secret things that are revealed by the word of God.
5. (qal v’-kho-mer) – This Heavy/Light style of writing/teaching is one of the most utilized among the letters of the (tal-mu-dim) [disciples]. The writers made a heavy statement followed by a lighter statement but was not to be taken as comparison/contrast. Here is an example: If the King must judge according to the Law and not his own understanding; how much more should a Judge? The King is the (heavy) portion, while the Judge is the (lighter). So the understanding of this example should be, the King and the Judge must both judge according to the Law and not their own understanding.

Much Luv and Shalom,

Robert Allon