The Trinity

Most people who believe in a Trinity do so because their translation of the Christian Bible speaks of it. However, Trinitarian doctrine did not exist in the Biblical period. That said, there is only one God. He does not exist as three separate but distinct individuals. There is no such thing as god the father, god the son and god the holy spirit. In fact, the words trinity and godhead did not exist until the eleven to twelve hundreds C.E. via the advent of the English language. Trinitarian doctrine first appeared in the Latin Vulgate in the late three hundreds C.E. and subsequently slipped into Christianity via Catholicism through Greek translations (all or in part) of the Latin Vulgate such as the Textus Recepticus. God has at no time fathered a child. (Y’-shu-a) was not the son of God. If Y’shua was and/or is the promised (Ma-shi-akh) of God, then He was a physical manifestation of God, i.e., the flesh of God. Put another way, He was the visible image of the invisible God, just like your body is the visible image of the invisible you.

Much Luv and Shalom,

Robert Allon