Video: By Any Other Gospel

Asking the question, “Is the Gospel preached by the Church today the same Gospel taught by the talmudim [disciples]?”  The truth about foundational Christian doctrines and the shifting sands upon which they are laid.

Covering: Y’shaYahu [Isa.] 52:7; Galatians 1:8

Video: The Assembly

Asking the questions: “Did you know that Y’shua [Jesus] said that He didn’t come for the Goim [Gentiles] [Mat. 16:18]? Did you know that He did not say, Upon this rock I will build My Church? Actually, He said that He came to RESTORE His covenant with the Y’hudim [Jews].”

Covering: baMidbar [Num.] 16:2; Ivrit [Heb.] 10:25

Video: Leadership Disqualifications

Asking the question: “Have you ever wondered why the Catholic fathers didn’t want 2nd Keipa [Peter] in the Seferim Sh’likhim [N. T.]? Dispelling the myth that everyone’s opinion matters . . .”

Covering: D’varim [Deu.] 34:9; 2nd Kavodel [Tim.] 2:15; 2nd Keipa [Peter]

Video: Come See

Asking the question: “Why do so many Churches insist that new converts share Y’shua [Jesus] with everyone they meet?” 1st Kavodel [Tim.] 3:6 says, ” . . . NOT a new convert . . .”

Covering: T’helim [Psa.] 66:5, 16; Levi [Mat.] 28:16-20

Video: Five Things

Asking the question: “So we’ve decided to follow the Law, now what?  How are we supposed to know all this stuff?  Will we go to hell if we die before we get it all figured out?  Why does God want us to do all that stuff?”

Covering: M’shalim [Pro.] 8:13; Khavaquq [Hab.] 2:4; Maasim [Acts] 15:1-21

Video: A Blessing From God

Asking the question: “Have you ever wondered what God really thinks about you? Have you ever wondered how He really feels about you? Have you ever wondered what He wants from you? Have you ever wondered what He wants for you? Have you you ever wondered (or worried) what He wants to do to you?”

Covering: baMidbar [Num.] 6:24-26

Video: Dreams and Visions

Asking the questions: “Is there a difference between dreams and visions, if there are, what are those differences?  Does everyone have dreams and visions?  Who is supposed to interpret dreams and visions?  Do people actually die if they don’t have a dream and/or vision from God”

Covering: M’shalim [Pro.] 29:18; baMidbar [Num.] 24:4; Yoel 2:28

Video: Mashal haShavuot (the Parable of Pentecost)

The Y’hudim [Jews] of the Biblical period were not looking for a Moshiakh [Messiah] who would release them from the Torah [Law].  They were not looking for the establishment of something new; so why is this taught in Churches today?

Covering: Y’khezqel [Eze.] 1:4; Sh’mot [Exo.] 19:1-20, 20:18; ; Maasim [Acts] 2:1-15

Video: Rules for Pesakh

This set of rules for Pesakh [Passover] comes directly from the Torah [Law].  Nothing from the Talmud, Jewish tradition or the Sages has been added.  We are not against such things, but they are beyond the scope and purpose of this message.

Covering: All the Laws pertaining to Pesakh in the Torah

Video: The Vengeance of a Jealous God

Asking the questions: “What does God’s vengeance look like?  Why would God be jealous, what does it mean?  What is the garment of vengeance?  The answers might surprise you.”

Covering: Y’shaYahu [Isa.] 59:17; Aharon [Luke] 4:17-21; Ephesians 6:11-17

Video: Be Perfect

Asking the questions: “What does it mean to be perfect?  Has anyone ever actually been perfect?  The answers will probably surprise you.”

Covering: B’reshit [Gen.] 17:1; Aharon [Luke] 1:6

Video: He Made Me Forget

Asking the questions: “Is there something in your life you cannot forget?  Something good from your childhood?  Something good from parenthood?  Something bad?  Why do some people get past their past while others wallow in it?”

Covering: The story of Yosef [Joseph]; B’reshit [Gen.] 41:51; (the 2nd half of) Yerm’Yahu [Jer.] 31:34; Iv-rit [Heb.] 10:3

Video: Tasting, Touching, Seeing and Hearing God

Asking the questions: “Have you ever wondered if we can taste God?  You know, O taste and see that the Lord is good . . . Have you ever wondered if we can truly touch God?  Why does the Bible say we can’t see God and then talk about seeing Him?  Have you ever heard God’s voice?”

Covering: T’helim [Psa.] 34:8; B’reshit [Gen.] 32:24-32; Ivrit [Heb.] 11:1-40

Video: A Bowed Down Soul

Asking the questions: “Are you constantly depressed?  Are you constantly angry?  Are you constantly in turmoil?  Are you consistently happy?  Do you live your life on an even keel?”

Covering: M’shalim [Pro.] 11:24-25; 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Video: Taking God’s Name to Vain

Asking the questions: Have you ever wondered what it means to take God’s name in vain? What is God’s name, is it, God, Elohim, Adonai, Jehovah, Yahweh or something else? Is it possible that people are taking God’s name in vain when they blame God for terrible things that happen? Have you, or do you take God’s name in vain?”

Covering: Sh’mot [Exo.] 20:7; Yaaqov [Jam.] 1:25-27

Video: A Good Example

Asking the questions: Why do we suffer persecution?  What is persecution?  Do we bring it on ourselves?  Have we ever persecuted God?  How does God handle persecution?

Covering: Y’shayahu [Isa.] 43:24; 1 Keipa [Peter] 2:20-25

Video: Plight of the Proselyte

Asking the questions: What happens when Goim [Gentiles] decide to live according to the Torah?  Why do so many of them become so unhappy?  Why is it so hard to live according to God’s Torah?

CoveringD’varim [Deu.] 30:19; M’shalim [Prov.] 12:15; Shoftim [Jud.] 17:6, 21:25; Y’khezqel [Eze.] 36:27; Romans 8:1-15

Video: Blessed be the Authority of Yahveh

Asking the questions: Do you worry that God may some day take everything from you like He did to Job? Have you ever thought about why God did it? Do you think that God has ever, or will ever owe His children anything?

Covering: Yov [Job] 1:21; Romans 11:29

Video: Holiness

Asking the questions: What is holiness? Are you holy, all, part or some of the time? Are you holy once in a while, once a week, month or year? Can we become holy? If so, how?

Covering: T’helim [Psa.] 29:2; vaYiqra [Lev.] 10:10; Yov [Job] 14:4; Y’khezqel [Eze.] 44:23; M’shalim [Prov.] 30:5; Maasim [Acts] 11:29

Video: The Sacrifice of Praise

Asking the questions: What is the Sacrifice of Praise? Is it praising God when we don’t feel like it? Do we really want to praise God when everything is going wrong in our lives, do we have to?

Covering: Yirm’Yahu [Jer.] 33:11; T’helim [Psa.] 50:14, 23; 107:22, 116:17; Romans 13:15

Video: Prayer

Asking the questions: Did you know that the disciples of Jesus and John the Baptist asked them to teach them how to pray? Have you ever wondered why these men who were born in Israel, who spoke Hebrew and had the entire Law of God committed to memory before they began following their teachers would not know how to pray?

Covering: 1st Sh’muel [1st Sam.] 107:22; Levi [Matt.] 6:5-15 

Video: You Don’t Have to Live Like This

Asking the questions: How many times have you felt that living for God is just not worth it?  You pray unselfishly and with the right spirit and your prayers go unanswered.  Are you paralyzed by some current fear?  Are you tormented with some problem that you just can’t overcome? Will you ever overcome this?

Covering: M’shelem [Pro.] 30:8; Philippians 4:11, 13 

Video: Same Old Song

Asking the questions: How do we cast our cares on God? We can’t see our cares, can we? What are we to do if we can’t stop thinking about them? Is there a way to stop thinking about them? Is this the right approach?

Covering: Yirm’Yahu [Jer.] 6:16, 29:11; 1st Keipa [Pet.] 5:7; Levi [Mat.] 11:28-30 

Video: Shut up and Kiss Him

Asking the questions: Have you ever been touched by God? Really? Have you felt His hand on your face? Have you felt the warmth of His chest? Is any of this physically possible, or is it only metaphorical?

Covering: T’helim [Psa.] 63:3 

Video: Great Coals of Fire

Asking the questions: Have you ever wondered what it means to “heap coals of fire on someone’s head?”  Should we pray that God will put fire on someone’s head, or are we to do it?   Is this idea idiomatic, or is it literal?

Covering: M’shalim [Pro.] 25:20-22, 140:10; Romans 12:19-21