Who We Are

We are a congregation of (To-rah) observant (Y’-hu-dim) [Jews] and proselytes. We celebrate all of God’s holidays with enthusiasm and joy. Our only goal is to follow God’s Law to the best of our ability, to love Him with all our heart, soul and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our fellowship is made up of those who are willing to give God everything, no matter what He asks. We seek only the truth. No matter what that truth is.

While it is true that we follow the written Law, that doesn’t mean that we reject the oral traditions. In the end, we only reject traditions which are in conflict with the written Law. We firmly believe that our ancestors promised to find ways to make (To-rah) observance paramount in their lives and in the lives of their generations to come. Because of this, we actively seek ways to obey the (To-rah) in spite of the fact that there is no (Hei-khal) [Temple] or (Ko-ha-nim) [Priests] to carry out the priestly and judicial Laws.

(To-rah) observance is simple, either we live by God’s Law or we don’t. We wear the fringe or we don’t; we don’t cut the edges of our beards or we do; we bless God for His provision after our meals or we don’t, etc. If we live by man-made laws designed to outwit God’s, we do not fulfill the Law, we break it.

The error in building fences around (To-rah) is that men make themselves gods creating man-made laws by which their children will live. What arrogance, what darkness befell these men that made them think they could improve on the work of God’s hand or the words that proceeded from His mouth? Man-made tradition is good until it leads God’s children away from (To-rah) observance and all to often building fences around (To-rah) does just that.

We believe that the letters written by the followers of (Y’-shu-a) during the first century are (Y’-hu-dit) [Jewish] letters written by (Y’-hu-dit–Ra-bim) [Jewish Rabbis] concerning the (Y’-hu-dit) religion and that these letters have nothing to do with the Church or Christianity. Therefore we study these letters because they are an unmatched source of first century, (Y’-hu-dit) history, customs, culture and dialect.

We believe that the Message of these letters concerning (Ma-shi-akh) [Messiah] was simple; return to (To-rah) observance because God has provided the sin sacrifice and thus has restored His people to their rightful place in His Kindom. Even if these men were led astray by a clever but misguided Jewish man, it would in no way detract from the immense historical, cultural, traditional and dialectical value to the Jewish religion. More profoundly, if (Y’-shu-a) was in fact the promised (Ma-shi-akh) of God, where does that leave (Y’-hu-dim) [Jews] today? We as a group refuse to believe something simply because of tradition.

There is no doubt that (Y’-hu-dim) [Jews] should reject the Christian Jesus but we question why (Y’-hu-dim) reject the (Y’-hu-dit–Ra-bi–Y’-shu-a) [Jewish Rabbi Y’shua], His teaching and that of His (tal-mu-dim). Are we rejecting these (Y’-hu-dit–Ra-bim) simply because of what pagans did with their memory? What are we thinking? On what are we basing our rejection? Do we know the (Ta-nakh) and the letters of the (tal-mu-dim) so well that we have something solid on which to base our rejection, or are we basing our rejection on the teachings of others who knew no more than us? Can we truly trust the writings of Hellenized (Y’-hu-dim), many of whom didn’t even speak the Hebrew language, who claim to have knowledge of events that took place four-hundred or more years before their birth, or should we base our knowledge on the testimony of (Y’-hu-dit–Ra-bim) who knew (Y’-shu-a) and witnessed the events of His life as they took place during the course of theirs?

We offer classes that teach our congregants how to speak the Biblical dialect of Hebrew to enhance their ability in reading and understanding their (Ta-nakh). We also offer classes that teach our congregants how to translate the Hebrew text properly. We do not live by laws designed by men to keep us from breaking the actual Laws given by God. Instead, we learn the Laws given by God and live by them. God’s way makes more sense.

Much Luv and Shalom,

Robert Allon